The pre-cursor to IECA, Taiwan Overseas Study Association (TOSA), was established in 1994 under the Ministry of Interior Taipei. TOSA later became recognized by the Taiwan Ministry of Education and Ministry of Interior, and it laid the ground work for the establishment of the nation-wide agents association, IECA. TOSA was also instrumental in promoting the concept of study abroad in Taiwan by organizing the first multi-national education fairs, publishing generic study abroad materials, as well as maintaining a comprehensive study abroad information web site. Most importantly, TOSA and later IECA provided an impartial platform for agents in the industry to communicate with each other, government agencies and receive input from students, parents and consumers.

IECA was officially established in 2005. It built on, and took over, all of the previous work done by TOSA, and today IECA is the sole, government-recognized voice for agents in Taiwan. To avoid misuse of its former name and to facilitate relations with organizations in mainland China, TOSA retains a legal structure; however, all other work on behalf of member agencies is conducted through IECA.




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