Accomplishments and Goals

IECA has been working with the Taiwan education authorities to better structure and regulate the study abroad consulting industry. Major accomplishments include the introduction of a standard contract that agents must use when contracting with students, and the establishment of professional liability insurance for agencies wanting to conduct study tour groups. In addition, IECA assists consumers with dispute resolution with overseas schools or IECA members. IECA has also successfully hosted multi-national and agent education fairs since 1994, making its events one of the longest-running and most effective promotional events in Taiwan.

The future holds many new challenges and opportunities to further develop the study abroad industry in Taiwan and overseas schools’ opportunities to recruit students in Taiwan. Currently, IECA is working to establish the study abroad industry as a special licensed industry.  Licensing will ensure better regulation and quality control in the industry allowing both overseas schools and students to have greater confidence to use the services of licensed agencies.

Additional goals for IECA include the expansion of its membership, greater participation in global international-education organizations, the development of training programs for its members, the expansion of its promotional activities for its members and overseas schools.




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